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As much as 2/3 of drivers with overweight and a risk of heart diseases. Alarming results of the 2nd report of drivers health state

As much as 2/3 of drivers with overweight and a risk of heart diseases. Alarming results of the 2nd report of drivers health state

It is estimated that there are around 700 000 professional drivers in Poland. As much as 2/3 of them suffers from overweight and obesity, and that is a simple way to a heart attack. But there are even more frightening facts coming from the "2nd report on health state and nutrition habits of professional drivers" that was released by the Truckers Life Foundation - In 90% of cases nutrition habits of truckers are just bad, and after all, our life and safety on the roads could depend on their health status.

Sedentary work, lack of physical activity and problems regarding maintenance of a balanced diet are the main reasons of bad health condition of professional drivers. Average trucker is spending approximately over 50 hours per week behind the wheel, and his only physical activity occurs during loading or unloading. Moreover, there is a small amount of restaurants located near the roads that serve healthy and balanced meals, and continuos haste hinders to find a moment for physical activity. Result - as much as 68% of professional drivers suffers from overweight and obesity.

Effects of a current lifestyle

The survey revealed that in 90% of cases, nutrition habits of drivers are wrong. Majority of them consume only 3 out of 5 recommended meals per day. Meals of truckers feature low contents of vegetables and fruits (consumed less than 3 times per week), at the same time those meals contain large amounts of fats, salt and sugar. Truckers follow the trend of overeating - they deliver too much calories in relation to their limited physical activity. Consequences of such habits are overweight and obesity. 38% of respondents suffer from overweight. 25% suffer from 1st degree obesity and 5% suffer from the most dangerous 2nd degree of obesity. 

Consequences of inapropriate nutrition habits could result in afflictions of articular-skeletal system and a cardiovascular conditions. Pathological accumulation of adipose tissue in the body could often result in diseases that are a straightforward risk to life. These include among others: type 2 diabetes, arterial hypertension, sleep apnea, coronary heart disease, stroke, heart failure, spine degeneration, arthritis, cholelithiasis, excess of cholesterol in blood, cancer, lower limb varices and endocrine disorders. Truck drivers were examined for the risk of incidence of heart diseases. So called WHtR (waist-to-height-ratio) indicated that 68% of truckers are at risk of a cardiovascular disease. Much part of drivers also struggles with diabetes and hypertension. Excessive body weight also have an impact on the quality of sleep and regeneration, and those two elements consequently have an impact on drivers perception and reflex on the road.

Drivers awareness

Truckers Life Foundation also investigated the level of drivers knowledge. The drivers were asked about nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Each answer was honoured and had an impact on the final result. And here we have some reasons for satisfaction, because 82% of drivers demonstrated sufficient or good level of knowledge. For comparison, one year ago the "1st report on health state of professional driver" demonstrated that such knowledge was possesed by only 62% of truckers. It means that education makes sense and it has an influence on the drivers awareness. Educaiton should be put in practice and it should be transformed into healthy habits.  

Truckers Life Foundation

Results presented above come from the 2nd report on health status of professional drivers. Organization examines drivers, analyzes their health status, educates and provides tools that help to improve fitness and health. Foundation is an originator of project regarding building of parking-gyms for drivers. Today we have already over 100 of such objects. Organisation conducts surveys focused on education and monitoring lifestyle changes of professional drivers. Moreover, the foundation merges the community of truckers leading a healthy and active lifestyle and has already diagnosed health status and motivated to to a positive chande of a lifestyle thousands of drivers.