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Our man in Himalayas!

Our man in Himalayas!

Meet Patryk, a professional driver that is an avid marathon runner and is currently trekking around Mount Everest! Patryk and a group of Poles participating in the project "Polskie Himalaje 2018" (Polish Himalays 2018), are making their dreams come true, and at the same time, they are going to celebrate a centenary of Polish independence and commemorate successes of polish climbers within the Himalayas range.

Patryk Prukop, england-based professional truck driver, Truckers Life Foundation #activetrucker team member, avid marathon runner and healthy lifestyle enthusiast, along with a group of Poles is currently conquering Himalayas as a part of a big national project.

"Projekt Himalaje 2018" is a project containing three elements - 100km run in Kathmandu (Nepal), trekking to Mount Everest base camp, and finally, a climb to the world's highest peak. The run and trekking to the base camp are available for everybody that want to confront their weaknesses. The last part is dedicated exclusively for experienced climbers.

Patryk is participating in first two stages of the project. This ultra-marathon runner is currently climbing to the Mount Everest base camp (5365m), and is going to participate in the 100km Kathmandu run (1350m) afterwards. "I really care about debunking the myth of a obese and passive professional driver" - Patrick says. This driver is a great example, that as a professional driver you can live a healthy and active lifestyle. You've got to admit that Patryk is not afraid of new challenges, even those etxreme! Everything started with his extreme metamorphosis that was the beginning of a new path. Afterwards, he achieved running successes, that you can follow on his instagram profile. We're keeping our fingers crossed for Patryk and the whole Polish group in Himalayas!

According to plan, Patryk will reach the base camp at 11th of October. The last trekking group will join him at the 1st of November, and on this day a Holy Mass for the intention of polish climbers which died in Karakorum and Himalayas will be celebrated in the base camp. 

You can follow Patryk on his instagram profile: www.instagram.com/runner_truck_driver
For more information about the expedition visit: www.polskiehimalaje.pl